Hindi-Urdu Resources

Hindi and Urdu have become a big part of my life over the last couple years. And so I thought I'd share some of the frequently accessed bookmarks slowing down my browser these days.

General resources


Script Lessons

  • Volker Schuerman's Bollywood Dictionary (Transliterated, pdf) 
  • Hinkhoj (my preferred online Hindi dictionary) 
  • Hamariweb (my preferred online Urdu dictionary) 
  • Lafz Archive (detailed explanations of hundreds of individual Urdu words, related words, and etymology) 

Academic programs in the U.S. (and faculty-compiled resources)

University of Minnesota
Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in South Asian Languages and Literatures offers ...
  • Beginners--Advanced Hindi and Urdu (Fall 2015 Hindi-Urdu courses here
  • Hindi Tutoring Class (for advanced and fluent students)
  • Directed Readings 
  • Conversational Hindi/Urdu through Bollywood 

Hindi-Urdu Flagship (Texas)

Columbia University

  • Program, course descriptions, and links for beginning learners in Hindi here
  • Frances Pritchett's Urdu resources online here
  • C.M. Naim's Introductory Urdu (One) 
  • Hindi and Urdu online paired readings here

Poetry and literature 

Note: I will be updating this page every so often as I find new online sources, programs with compiled resources, etc.