This blog started as a Hindi-film blog in 2013. Since then, I studied Hindi and Urdu formally, became a geography teacher, went to live in Johannesburg, South Africa to get my M.A. at the University of the Witwatersrand, came home afflicted with that particular empty aimlessness and shock that happens after you complete your post-grad, returned to teaching geography, started working at an agricultural museum, and now am the founder of two educational start-ups.

I'm completely overwhelmed, so restarting a blog makes total sense. In this space, I'll ramble about my reading and viewing and sometimes in-person experiences, trying to draw connections between anything and everything to do with the global south. It's the place where the next century is going to happen, so I'm trying to get on board.

[Or maybe I'm just another nosy northerner, colonizing the south with my attentive gaze.]

As for books, I like sci-fi, "world literature" (whatever that means) from the global south, women's fiction from the UK and the US in 1900-1960, and whatever non-fiction topical obsession I am chasing at the moment. I dislike ponderous, self-important, and overwritten tomes. If you're going to write more than 300 pages, you had better earn it.

Watching a film from outside the U.S. or Europe is a better way to learn about a place (however "inaccurate" the superficial portrait) than a textbook. Mostly because it is more fun, and also because it is a quick ticket to a more spatially embedded mindset. Which is code for = authentic and less condescending, I guess?

Please @ me if you agree or disagree with anything.


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