RAD/FAB Song of the Week: "Main Hoon Don" (Don 1978)

Whenever I watch a later 70's movie, I love that I can usually depend on a ridiculously awesome song/dance number appearing out of the blue (or the red or the gold) . . . something with crazy lighting or costumes or even masks. So, to go along with the gushy review of last week, a RAD/FAB number from Don (1978): Main Hoon Don.

If for some strange reason you haven't seen this movie yet, in this scene, Don's look-alike performs for a group of the Don's confederates and their girlfriends in an intensely crimson room. (One knows there shall be blood soon, I guess.) 

Note: I first thought that the soundtrack of Don was a little forgettable. That was, until I woke up a couple of mornings with "Main Hoon Don" running through my head. And yes, there's a tiger mask in this scene. Why? I don't know. But it is RAD/FAB and catchy--so I am now stamping it with my approval. 



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